Boxer to BBQ Master, How George Foreman went from Sports to BBQ

There's a sad thing that happens to a lot of professional athletes, whether they're boxers or football players or nearly any other sport. They're able to make a lot of money in a short amount of time, but the drive and determination and carefree abandon that leads to being a champion often means they may not be the best with money, either because they live in the moment or they never had a lot of money until they all of a sudden hit it huge, and that can leave them in a difficult place.

They focus on the discipline of their sport, and that doesn't always leave a lot of financial discipline, so even athletes who earned tens of millions playing their sport will often end up bankrupt within years of retirement. Sometimes, however, they're able to make it out the other side due to smart management of their money, endorsement deals, and having some business sense.

As we talk about Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, and how they stand to make 100 million+ each for their upcoming fight, you can't discuss riches in boxing without mentioning some of the past greats. Mike Tyson was famous for squandering his money. He grew up without much, he would rob and steal at a young age, until he found his mentor Cus D'Amato who helped transform him into a championship boxer. After Cus passed away, Mike went through some dark times, and blew incredible amounts of money. But that's not always the way the story goes…

…When Things Go Right

The best example of an endorsement deal gone right has to be George Foreman. He made his share of money as a boxer, but it's his later business deals that really cemented his financial future.

He didn't invent the famous George Foreman Grill, he simply lent his name to it, but this small appliance became a massive success along with tons of recipes (we've uploaded a file here with some of his recipes). He is said to have earned $137 million in just the first year alone. Did you hear that Conor and Floyd? 137 million in just the first year, and he didn't have to get punched in the face.

It was an attorney named Sam Perlmutter who originally showed Foreman the Grill (which you can learn more about grills here), made by Salton. He told George that he's making all of these other companies and people rich by endorsing their products, but only getting smaller scraps for himself at the end of the day.

After getting one of the BBQ Grills, six months passed and Foreman hadn't even tried it out. He said he “wasn't interested in toys”. But months after receiving it, his wife took it for a spin, and loved it.

Wifey Knows Best

George still wasn't interested, until his wife made him a hamburger on the BBQ Grill and he loved it. In George Foreman's own words: “So I called my partners back and said, ‘I'm going to do that deal.'”

The deal itself was pretty straight forward, Foreman gets 45% of the profits after expenses are covered. That lawyer who helped convince him? He gets 15%, not a bad payday either.

He sold his stake in the grill for a Huge Lump Sum Payment…

Salton saw the potential in this grill, and decided to buy out George Foreman in order to use his name, without having to pay him such a big % of profits. That's how he earned $137.5 million, along with millions more for doing TV appearances, plus the money he earned before being bought out.

Beyond the initial success of the grill, which went on to sell over 100 million units, George's other business ventures haven't struck gold in the same way – but that's okay – like boxing and in business, you only need one perfect move to change your life.

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5 Celebrity Moms who Got their Abs Back after Pregnancy with Belly/Ab Binders (Girdles)

There are certain celebrity fitness, diet, and health tricks that are out of reach for most of us. If we’re feeling a bit tired at work, we can’t just call up someone to come over and give us a shot of Vitamin B, for example. We don’t have handlers looking after our chores, we don’t have personal chefs, we don’t have people doing our makeup professional everyday…

Those things are nice, especially when you’re pregnant. Could you imagine how much easier a pregnancy would be if you had all of the luxuries and support that celebrities have? But alas, that’s just not in the cards, however there are certain things you can do to help even the playing field. You may not have a butler, or a chef, or Vitamin B shots on demand, but there’s one thing that a lot of celeb mommies take advantage of and you definitely can too, even if you aren’t living on an A-List budget.

Belly wraps (or abdominal binders), also known as girdles, are meant to help to get your pre-pregnancy body back, to help with aches and pains, and to help tighten your stomach and skin.

Here are some celebrity moms who have taken advantage of these incredible wraps.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim has been through a couple of pregnancies, and has been spotted rocking an abdominal binder to help get her figure back. Her figure is a big part of her public image, and she hasn’t been afraid to go under the knife, but when it comes to post-pregnancy – you don’t need surgeries or anything like that. Check her out here, rocking a variety of belly wraps, and showing them off. Granted, hers might be a little extreme – you don’t need something that doubles as a corset.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney isn’t afraid to look to Kim for advice whether it’s with relationships, career, the media, or even when it comes to health advice like how to deal with soreness and aches post pregnancy.

3. Nicki Minaj

There are rumors and debate as to whether or not she was actually pregnant, or if the baby bump was a hoax, but in any case – if such a public figure did manage to hide a pregnancy and recovery so quickly to regain her curvy form, it’s hard to imagine her doing it with an abdominal support wrap.

4. Amber Rose

Before Kanye was famously dating Kim K, he was with Amber Rose. They had an intense and crazy relationship, but seem to be on good terms now. You have to wonder if maybe Kanye is the one who is turning them on to these wraps? Amber Rose wears her proudly because it’s nothing to hide. You wouldn’t hide an arm tensor or a knee wrap, right?

5. Snooki

Nicole, aka Snooki, made gossip headlines for her antics while working on the reality show Jersey Shore, but since then she’s matured a lot, started taking much better care of herself, lost a lot of weight, and proudly rocks an abdominal binder as well.

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Top 10 Different Beard Styles of CROSSFITTERS – Short, Long, Full and COOL!

Beards and Cross-fit go together like plates and bars. It's rumored that the strength of your lift is going to be directly proportional to the manliness of your beard. Of course, there aren't any dorky, beard-less, low-testosterone scientists who would ever be brave enough to undertake this study, so we're stuck relying on real-world experience.

Turn on the Crossfit games to see examples of which beards are lifting the heaviest weight in any given event, and use that to formulate your own unique style. Here's a look at some of the standard Crossfit beards for your consideration, courtesy of BeardBro which has put together this great article ( of the top beard styles of 2017!

1. The Bandholz

Popularized by Eric Bandholz, this style of beard screams strength. No body weight nonsense for these guys, it's nothing but iron.

Oval, diamond, or triangle shapes face – the Bandholz style beard will suit you perfectly. Just make sure you've got the lifts to match.

2. Bold And Thick

This is a pretty standard Hollywood look these days. Overall, it's kind of weak, let's be real, but it still gets the job done. It suits just about any shape of face, so it's versatile – but not a specialist.

If you can't grow a full on bushy beard, this is not a bad option for now, but get out there and lift and iron and get that T flowing so you can quickly climb past this somewhat embarrassing beard.

3. Faded Beard

This beard is based on the sideburns that fade into your beard, so that you don't end up with hairs shooting out of the side and a rounder looking face. It's really only suitable for square and oval shaped faces, but if you can rock it, it's a great style to consider. If you've got a rounded face already, though, it can also help to create the illusion that you don't.

4. Lines For Days

Hey pretty boy, are you a high-maintenance dude who would rather spend time combing your hair and maintaining it than lifting weights and chasing tail? If so, this is the perfect style for you. It suits just about any shape of face as you can see from the above image, but it also suits nobody at the same time. It's a true paradox.

5. Old Dutch

Unless you're a farmer or a lumberjack, stay away from this neckbeard.

6. Razor's Edge

It's kind of like the fade, except you let the beard do its thing, so the sideburns are shorter but once you get into beard land all bets are off.

7. Short and Tapered

It's all about short hair and defined lines, which is kind of a moot point when you're trying to grow out a beard. If you need to know how to grow a beard, keep looking. If you can't grow a beard, this isn't a bad option.

8. Short Beard w/ Mustache

Once again, the only people who should grow short beards are the ones who can't grow long beards.

9. Thin Beard

Even the name should tell you this is a bad idea. How the hell are you going to move serious iron around when people can still see your face? Bodybuilders shave, Crossfitters grow.

10. Uniform Beard

Nice and simple, same uniform length all throughout, it's good for square, oval and round faces, and there's really not much else to say about it. A mighty, powerful beard starts with a strong foundation of a solid uniform beard.

Great little video on Different types of Beard Styles:

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‘All Natural’ African bodybuilder defies odds and goes from Kid to Beast

As many of you know, going to the gym is a tough thing to do, especially on a daily basis – whether your tying to stay fit or are a professional sports athlete supplementing your daily routine. Trying to get your diet on-point and your meals perfectly balanced is another thing altogether, so you can imagine how this would look like in another country – let alone in a 3rd world country!

Enter Samuel Kulbila

This All Natural bodybuilder from Ghana, Africa is proving everyone wrong in terms of attaining the ultimate physique through natural means. Many have accused him to using SARMS or Peptides (another type of Steroid-like PED), but he's denied any use and claims to be ALL Natural.

His Instagram account boasts almost 90,000 followers and is growing exponentially as he's been getting quite a bit of press lately. His Gym, Meals and Physique are shown below and on the following 2 pages. Have a look and see what you think.

This isn't some ordinary bodybuilder. Samuel shows and proves to us that hard-work, discipline and good/clean eating will go a long way when it comes to achieving the body of your dreams.

As you can see below, he has ZERO Excuses – Samuel puts in the hard-work in the place they call a “GYM” with determination like a lion. On top of that all, many haters and people who are jealous of his physique constantly call him out on his social media pages claiming he's not “All-Natural”, but as you will see on the second and third page of this article, his physique is to be reckoned with!

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See his Meals on the Next Page!

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16 Pictures of Tennis’ Hottest Player to Hit the Courts, Eugenie Bouchard

She's cute, sexy, sassy and an awesome tennis player. If you don't already know who she is, meet Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard. This 21 year old Canadian beauty is a professional tennis player who ranked 24th in the world at the 2014 Wimbledon Championships. She was the first Canadian to ever reach the finals and she finished second place. Starting to play tennis at just five years old, this talented young lady has drawn lots of attention on and off the court for her adorable personality and smoking good looks.

Her talent and beauty make her irresistible and we say move out of the way Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova! There's a new girl next door in the tennis realm and she's hot, sexy and here to stay!


At least it turned out okay #tbt @flaremag

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