12 Times Michelle Lewin Woke up and Showed the World with Her Natural Beauty

Selfies seem to have become a normal part of our social interactions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and pretty much every social media outlet. Unfortunately, most selfies are edited with all kinds of apps and so we never truly see someone in their natural state. It's easy to make yourself look good on social media by “faking” your picture with filters and edits. It's also easy to pose in a way that makes you look leaner, meaner and better than you do in real life.

We got tired of all the “fake” selfies so we wanted to give a shout out to one lady who is not afraid to show her natural beauty on social media.

Michelle Lewin is the lady of the hour. Looking as good as her is no easy task. She spends countless hours working on her physique and maintains a strict diet.

Aside from her hard and well deserved physique, Michelle naturally has flawless skin, a sexy jaw line and natural beauty that not every lady is lucky to have and she is not afraid to show it! These shameless, unedited selfies prove that she is not only sexy because of her hard work, but also because she is just naturally gorgeous. These are what we call real selfies! Keep the #thatmorningfacetho selfies coming Michelle! You put all the other selfie posters to shame! When you work as hard as she does, you don't need to fake it to make it…. here are the pictures to prove it.


🇺🇸Unmaked-up #SelfieAttack O' the day! 🇪🇸#Selfie sin maquillaje

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michelle lewin no makeup
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Michelle Lewin natural
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