37-Points in 1 Quarter you Say? Klay Thompson says YES!

Klay Thompson's Career high of 52 points in 1 game topped the charts for one of the highest Single-Quarter games in NBA History, at a whopping 37 Points in One Quarter! Thompson was absolutely on FIRE in the game against the Sacramento Kings on 01/23/2015. Finishing the Quarter off with NINE 3-pointers and an assortment of other Baskets, everyone lay in astonishment from both teams as Thomson was on fire and seriously could not miss anything! Many called it determination and skill unparalleled to anything seen from a player in a long time, but we like to call it Discipline and Focus. To keep his momentum and focus dialed into making so many baskets takes a state of mind like no other – sure many have the skills to hit baskets one after another in practice, but to do this in a game in such a short period of time is another feat in and of itself.

Check out the full highlight reel of his 3rd quarter rampage below and lay in astonishment as we did.