Reporter Interviews Famous Football Player – Realizes its Him after interview is Over!

Adrian Peterson is one chill guy, considering his long history and run ins. This decorated NFL'er was interviewed about Road Rage as he stepped out of his vehicle and goes onto discuss how road rage is something to not be taken lightly, as you can see from the video. Getting out of his car, which was a black suburban, which can be credited to his long good standing credit history (if you need help, go here) and scores , he proceeds to start the interview with the man.

He goes onto discuss the latest news issues surrounding the death of an 8 yr old girl and ends up giving some rather well accepted advice to his wife to avoid aggressive drivers altogether on the road at all costs.

During this whole interview, the host who is conducting the interview hasn't the slightest clue that this is Adrian Peterson (of the Minnesota Vikings). At the end of the interview, he calmly thanks him for his time and asks him for his name, and then realizes who he is.

The video shows his reaction and embarrassment as he learns about the status of this person in the NFL and city. It goes to show you how well Mr. Peterson took the interview and it almost seems that he enjoyed being a normal person and not a simple figure of the Public and ambushed by paparazzi.

Peterson has been credited lately with assisting someone when their car broke down, even going as far as pushing the vehicle off the road. Sometimes those with great public power assist those who are looking for help – even those with not so good credit.

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20 Bodybuilder Transformations who went from Nothing to EVERYTHING

Bodybuilding is a sport the requires not only the right mental attitude and gifted genetics, but it also Requires hard work, as in many other sports. Bodybuilding is the sport where everyone is either trying to get very Big and Muscular or Transform their bodies to become as aesthetically eye-pleasing as possible. Symmetry, defined and vascularity are all huge factors that bodybuilders look at when building their muscles and their bodies to their liking. Unfortunately for many people, becoming a bodybuilder isn't part of their lives nor their schedules or goals – But for some, they have made it their Primary focus and goal in life and have put in hours and dedication (amongst other things) in order to achieve their Dreams bodies.

Some do it for the Attention from the opposite sex, others do it to catapult their careers into Stardom (Arnold is someone who comes to mind) and others do it for the money and all the benefits that come from being a abnormally large and muscular human. Whatever the reason behind any bodybuilders motivation may be, we can all agree that it takes Hard work, Dedication and perseverance to achieve the results you'll see below.

We are fully aware that some of the men you'll see in these Transformation pictures below have used all sorts of “Substances” and hormones in order to get to bodies of their dreams, but simply injecting yourself with Steroids or Growth hormone will not Magically make you Muscular or Bulging with muscles. These men still had to put in long hours in the gym in order to achieve their results. We don't write off anyone who have transformed their bodies into what they wanted them to look like, because at the end of the day, the great debate isn't what types of substances they used or are using, but how much Time, Effort, Discipline and Sacrifices they have put in to achieving their Dream Physiques and bodies.

1. – Branch Warren


2. – Dennis Wolf


3. – Dexter Jackson


4. – Dorian Yates


5. – Evan Centopani


6. – Flex Wheeler


7. – Franco Columbu


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10 Times Paige Hathaway Proved that Lifting weights is Sexy

Many women are afraid to lift weights because they think it will make them look bulky and manly. According to, a single kilogram of muscle takes a calorie surplus of 9000 calories to be created. If a cheeseburger is 380 calories, that's thirty cheeseburgers extra you need to eat above your maintenance calories to even think about growing some extra muscle. I can guarantee no one I know eats that many cheeseburgers in one week, let alone in one day!

Lifting weights along with a sensible diet will not make you bulk up. In fact, it will create lean muscle that will make you look more toned, slimmer and it will give your booty a nice lift. Don't believe us? Checkout these pictures of Paige Hathaway in everyday clothes. This just proves that lifting weights gives you a sexy body not only in the gym, but on the streets. So eat your heart out ladies, get some fitspiration and hit the weights! You won't regret it!

Paige Hathaway Normal Clothes (2)
Paige Hathaway Normal Clothes (2)
Paige Hathaway Normal Clothes (2)
Paige Hathaway Normal Clothes (2)

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Adidas Cancel Sponsorship if Player involved with Scientology

Scientology is believed to be one of the most controversial “Religions” in the World, and also one of the most publicly talked about religions as well, largely due to all the Celebrities that are constantly being linked up with it. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are probably the most well known celebrities to push Scientology down everyone's throats, even pushing their loved ones away from them altogether.


Scientology is considered a religion the USA, but not so throughout the rest of the World, in particularly France, Chile and Germany. Scientology is considered a Cult (or Sect) in France and Chile and the German Government doesn't acknowledge Scientology as a Religion, but rather as “Sekte”, or Cult/Sect.

Furthermore, since Germany isn't keen on accepting Scientology as a religion, fellow companies based out of Germany, notably ADIDAS, have taken precautions to not be associated with Scientology whatsoever, according to a recent Der Spiegel article that highlighted a contract between a German football (Soccer) player and Adidas. Adidas mentioned in their contract that a Player had to have Nothing to do with any Organization or Associations which Represent the teachings of Ron L. Hubbard, who if you don't know, is the founder of the Church of Scientology.

Bayern-Munich-Adidas Scientology

Since 1970, Scientology has been present in Germany, in which it has been surrounded by skepticism from the German Press, Public and Government. Most notably, the German government doesn't recognize Scientology as a Religion, saying that its an “Abusive Business business masquerading as a Religion”. Could Germany be onto something? Will larger nations follow what the Germans and Adidas are standing up for?

Adidas isn't only worried about Scientology – according to the Contract, “A player shouldn’t be connected to any organization monitored (knowingly) by an intelligence agency, and any drug use or something of the sort is also going to lead to the cancellation of the sponsorship deal.” These terms aren't outrageous, but could other major sponsors take notes from these types of contracts and start to hammer down on players/teams who participate or are apart of such behavior?

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12 Times Michelle Lewin Woke up and Showed the World with Her Natural Beauty

Selfies seem to have become a normal part of our social interactions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and pretty much every social media outlet. Unfortunately, most selfies are edited with all kinds of apps and so we never truly see someone in their natural state. It's easy to make yourself look good on social media by “faking” your picture with filters and edits. It's also easy to pose in a way that makes you look leaner, meaner and better than you do in real life.

We got tired of all the “fake” selfies so we wanted to give a shout out to one lady who is not afraid to show her natural beauty on social media.

Michelle Lewin is the lady of the hour. Looking as good as her is no easy task. She spends countless hours working on her physique and maintains a strict diet.

Aside from her hard and well deserved physique, Michelle naturally has flawless skin, a sexy jaw line and natural beauty that not every lady is lucky to have and she is not afraid to show it! These shameless, unedited selfies prove that she is not only sexy because of her hard work, but also because she is just naturally gorgeous. These are what we call real selfies! Keep the #thatmorningfacetho selfies coming Michelle! You put all the other selfie posters to shame! When you work as hard as she does, you don't need to fake it to make it…. here are the pictures to prove it.


🇺🇸Unmaked-up #SelfieAttack O' the day! 🇪🇸#Selfie sin maquillaje

A photo posted by Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin_) on




michelle lewin no makeup


Michelle Lewin natural



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