Top 10 NBA Plays of 2014 – Dunks, Crossovers and Game-Winners

Best plays of the 2014 NBA Year

As 2014 finished off strong, we're recapping the Top 10 Plays from the NBA thanks to's Youtube channel. To recap the top plays in the video, starting from #10 down to the #1 Play of the season:

#10: Andrea Iguodala Cross-over

Andrea Iguodala's Cross-over on Quincy Miller is what you call “Breaking someone's Ankles”. Iguaodala absolutely dominated Miller with this shake n' bake move to completely cripple Miller who ended up finding himself on the hardwood. Ouch!


#9: Derek Rose Mid-Air Pump Fake to Pass

Derek Rose of the Chicago Bulls with the Mid-Air Pump fake to Pass to Joakim Noah to who's waiting under the rim for the quick layup. This what we call “Hang-time” and Rose seems to be getting back in the swing of things rather quickly.


#8: Bradley Beal Alley-Oop Game Winner

The Washington Wizards come up with pretty much the only play you can with .8 Seconds left on the clock and a Throw-in. Before the Wizards had the thrown in, Andre Miller was subbed in to inbound the ball, and Paul Pierce screened Bradley Beal for the Winning Alley-Oop! Nothing feels better when a play goes as planned.


#7: Kenneth Faried 2-Handed Rejection

Hard work didn't pay off for Dion Waiters this time around. Waiters steals the ball half court to only be Rejected at the other end by non other than Kenneth Faried with a 2-HANDED Block.


#6: Terrance Ross Posterizes Kenneth Faried

On the other side of the Spectrum, Blocks don't always work, as Kenneth Faried from the play above realized on this play. Terrance Ross completely Posterizes Kenneth Faried in this play. Faried is 1 for 2 in the Top 10.


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