Top 10 Richest Pro Wrestlers in the WORLD!

Highest Net worth Pro Wrestlers from WWE/WWF

Pro wrestling isn't really a Sport – I'm sure that is one thing we can all agree on, but nevertheless, the Money made in the sport is absolutely real, to the tune of millions actually. Many of these wrestlers that a lot of us watched on T.V. as we grew up (or are still watching them) made it big through WWE and went onto bigger and better things as new opportunities arose. WWE is what propelled them to their fortunes, regardless of what people think, as many of these wrestlers have gone onto performing in Commercials, Movies, TV shows, and many other media related activities (Even to the extent of writing Books!).

Being a Pro wrestler isn't as cut and dry as many of you may think, considering how the WWE is structured and how the earnings is structured. All of these wrestlers are Independent contractors and are paid for how much revenue they generate for the WWE, in terms of Pay-per-View sales, Merchandise sales, and how many appearances they make throughout their careers and the amount of pull they have in attendances and such. Its clear that many of these wrestlers are their own Brands, and as you will soon see, they have clearly capitalized on their likability and characters.

Some household names that you would expect to see on this list (Hulk Hogan, etc) have had a lot of their wealth either taken by a divorce or their spending habits got the best of them throughout the years, leaving them with substantially less than the others.

10. Mick Foley – Net Worth: $15 Million

#10 on the list for Richest pro wrestlers

Mick Foley has had quite the career in terms of accomplishments. After his WWE days came to a slow down, Foley took up quite a few other hobbies that propelled him to the #10 position on our Richest Pro Wrestlers list. Foley has worked as an Actor and Voice Actor, Comedian and even authored a handful of books in  his day. Foley lacks no ambition with all these endeavors and his bank account is no different, having starred in over 28 appearances in Films and TV shows. Thumbs up to Mick for taking life by the horns after his Glory days and embracing it fully.

#9 The Undertaker – Net Worth: $16 Million

#9 Richest Pro Wrestler, The Undertaker

The Undertaker tops the list at #9 with $16 million Net worth and with a career spanning over 20 years in the industry. The Undertaker hasn't had a huge media career after his wrestling days as Mick did, but he has investment his money wisely in Real Estate endeavors that have paid him handsomely over the years giving him the opportunity to continually grow his fortune. He also has established himself as a Animal welfare contributor by funding the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical sciences which helps save dogs of the large-breed when seeking medical attention.

#8 Shawn Michaels – Net Worth $17 Million

#8 Richest Pro Wrestler

Shawn Michaels was known as the “Heart Break Kid” to the WWE and fans alike and caused quite a bit of controversy In and Out of the ring throughout his years. Between 96′-98′, Michaels was seen as a drug abuser and every had moments on Television where he was clearly far gone. His career took a small brake when he encountered his back injury in 1998 but later returned in 2002 after his back healed from the surgery he had undergone. Some people have even come to the conclusion that his break between 98′ and 02′ was not a career-ending event but rather a time to come clean and come out of his wild lifestyle. He has since come back and is now the WWE ambassador and greatly respected in the eyes of all WWE fans.

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