Top 10 Richest Pro Wrestlers in the WORLD!

Highest Net worth Pro Wrestlers from WWE/WWF

#4 Triple H – Net Worth: $25 Million

#4 Richest Pro Wrestler

Triple H has set himself rather well, considering he's Stephanie McMahon husband, who is Vince McMahon Daughter. (For those of you that dont know, Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE). Many people are speculating that Triple H and Stephanie will eventually inherit the WWE in the future, but only time can tell realistically whats going to happen to the company. Tripe H does however own $1.5 Million in WWE Stock, if that's an indicator of what might happen in the near future (Hint: He might be in the #1 Position sooner or later).

#3 John Cena – Net Worth: $35 Million

#3 Highest Net Worth Pro Wrestler - John Cena

At Age 37, John Cena Tops the list at #3 and is continually growing. Cena's father was in the Wrestling business and also had an impact on his ealier life by exposing him to the sport early on. Cena joined the WWE in Feb. 2002 and 2 years won his first championship against The Big Show. Cena soon became the poster boy for the WWE with his chiseled body and defining features. Cena tops the list of WWE top salaries at 2.75 Million in 2014 and a 10 year contract. This has helped propel him to the 3rd spot in our Top 10. Cena is also known for starring on NBC's hit show, Celebrity Apprentice and having released his own Rap-Album that debuted in the U.S. Billboard charts at #15. Cena has also featured in a couple films, all adding to his bottom line and raising his net worth considerably.

#2 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Net Worth: $45 Million

#2 Richest Pro Wrestler - Steve Austion - $45 Million

Steve Austin, “The Texas Rattlesnake” who officially changed his name from Steve Williams, has been continually dominating the TV charts any time he steps in the Ring. He was attributed to raising WWE's TV ratings and Pay-Per-View buys significantly throughout his years and all his fights and more importantly, his and Vince McMahon (WWE Owner) public disagreements and bouts. Despite's all of Austin's achievements in the Ring and on Screen, considering he has been in TV shows and some rather major films including Expendables and Grown Ups 2, he has a little more than half of the net worth of the Top holder.

#1 The ROCK – Net Worth: $70 Million

The Rock tops the List of Richest Pro Wrestler

Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock”, is by the far the most recognizable Pro Wrestler to date with his infamous Grin and Eye-Brow raise, he cant be missed. The Rock capitulated to fame through the WWE and has starred in over 50 T.V. Shows and some very well known movies, including Fast and Furious 6 and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, along with many other Hits. Dwayne Johnson Net worth has skyrocketed over his peers due to his Film/TV career taking off and he appears to be playing in movies that are featuring his “Features”.

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